2023 DRI Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute

Mar 9 2023

Thursday, March 9 • 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. CT

Alison Grounds will be speaking during the “E-Discovery in Insurance Coverage Litigation” session at the 2023 DRI Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute. Including e-discovery considerations as part of a proactive litigation and discovery strategy in coverage matters increases your chances of a successful result and reduces the risk of sidetracking the resolution on the merits with protracted disputes on discovery issues. Discovery in coverage litigation often requires identification and production of electronic records, including claims files, communications, and other information that is often stored in proprietary or complex systems. Counsel for insureds are involving technical experts in some matters and expanding their requests to seek information about systems and processes used by insurance companies to handle claims. Affirmative discovery from insureds can also be an opportunity to gather information from insureds needed to achieve a successful result and identify deficiencies in their claims. This session will focus on practical tips for coverage litigators to consider to proactively plan for e-discovery and to prevail in common e-discovery disputes including defending against discovery into your systems and processes, proactively addressing scope and burden issues, and using e-discovery affirmatively to help develop the facts you need to be successful on the merits of your coverage matters.

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