Legal Tech’s Predictions for E-Discovery in 2021

Dec 29 2020

Alison Grounds, a partner with Troutman Pepper and the founder and managing director of Troutman Pepper eMerge, was quoted in the article “Legal Tech’s Predictions for E-Discovery in 2021.”

Alison Grounds, partner, Troutman Pepper, and managing director, Troutman Pepper eMerge: “I expect to see the continued increase in discovery requests for information from structured data sources like Salesforce (especially after the acquisition of Slack) as well as proprietary client systems and data warehouses as requesting parties seek to use corporations’ own data to help identify new theories of liability as well as class members for class actions. Many such platforms were built for a business purpose and do not have e-discovery tools built-in to allow for efficient collection or review outside of their native applications. … I expect to see an increase in requesting parties seeking to leverage their adversaries’ own technology tools to help them make their case, and I see a corresponding rise in disputes as the legal issues associated with such requests.”

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