Advanced Technology

Industry-leading tools and custom applications to process, filter, analyze, produce, and present data



eMerge utilizes its own customized version of the RelativityOne platform to improve the efficiency of document processing, review, and production. Our investment in RelativityOne ensures client data is hosted in the latest and most secure version of Relativity. eMerge’s RelativityOne environment includes:

  • RelativityOne instances in both the US and EU
  • all data analytics bundled at no added charge (email threading, near duplicate identification, concept clustering, data visualization, name normalization, and continuous active learning)
  • built-in workflows to automate various aspects of the review process
  • native redaction tools
  • layouts, views, and reporting to reduce manual review and associated costs
  • a technology team comprised of Relativity Certified Administrators with thousands of combined hours of experience

Contract Analytics Using AI

eMerge offers clients the leading machine learning-powered contract analytics platform for use on both litigations and transactions to distill key provisions from contracts more accurately and less expensively than via manual review alone.  Outlier contracts are quickly detected and anomalies are identified for further analysis.

Custom Applications

eMerge’s team of technologists also develop custom technology solutions to improve efficiencies and enable robust project management in legal matters for clients. These tools can be customized for the needs of specific clients and matters to help ensure clients are leveraging technology in order to control legal costs and reduce risks.  A few examples of eMerge’s custom applications include:

  • Preview: A proprietary early case assessment tool that allows our team to defensibly reduce data volumes by searching, filtering, sampling, and visualizing the collected ESI before it has been promoted for review. Case teams can then make matter-specific decisions based on knowledge gleaned from actual documents in the earliest phase of the matter. Having an early window into the data provides an enormous advantage during negotiations over discovery scope, helps generate persuasive metrics to support burden arguments when facing overreaching discovery requests, and substantially and accurately reduces the volume of documents that are ultimately processed for review.
  • LitManage: Our custom-built project management platform that integrates with Relativity to track every action taken on a document from collection through review, production, and trial. With LitManage, eMerge project managers can monitor the discovery status and costs of each matter in real-time, providing transparency for clients and case teams alike.
  • Stub Finder: A process for identifying email “stubs”, or truncated versions of complete emails that are often found in exports from email systems. Removing these superfluous emails that would not otherwise be excluded during deduplication has saved our clients millions of dollars in review costs.
  • Converge: A custom deduplication application to accurately identify duplicate documents and data regardless of source. Converge is particularly helpful where redundant data produced from other parties is not identified as duplicative of our own client’s documents due to different data processing methods used by each party. Converge normalizes the data and allows us to identify substantially duplicative documents regardless of what tool was used to process and produce the document. By using Converge, we can reduce the number of documents needing to be reviewed from other parties’ productions by up to 30%.
  • Compilot® Inspection Manager: A custom web-based compliance inspection tracking application that empowers companies in any industry to internally navigate and track their nationwide compliance inspections with highly granular tools and preferences. The application also facilitates collaboration with outside counsel and provides proactive tools to help escalate issues and analyze risks.


Targeted Data Collections

  • eMerge offers customized collection tools to enable efficient remote collection of client data from local machines, servers, mobile devices, cloud-based sources, and other media.
  • Our collection process pairs an eMerge attorney with a collection specialist, allowing us to interview custodians and perform a targeted collection that excludes irrelevant data in real time. We then leverage the information gained during collection to help focus the review and prioritize productions.
  • Our combination of the legal interview and technical collection in one efficient step typically reduces the volume of data collected by at least 50% compared to traditional workflows.
  • When required, our certified forensic collection specialists conduct on-site collections.
  • We partner with our clients’ internal IT departments to ensure efficiency and reduce costs.