Managed Review Services Featuring Technology Assisted Review

Technology Assisted Review Using Continuous Active Learning: managed by attorneys who understand the posture of each matter, and supported by in-house technologists who can fully employ RelativityOne’s robust analytics capabilities

Our Managed Review service ensures that the most relevant information is identified in time to help inform case strategy and expedite dispute resolution while protecting client privileges in the most efficient, legally-defensible, and cost-effective manner.

eMerge’s integrated approach to document review provides a unique advantage because the knowledge gained during review is fully captured and quickly routed to the litigation team in time to assist with deposition preparation, exhibit selection, settlement discussions, briefing, and trial.

eMerge employs advanced technology with our legal strategy to avoid costly manual review of irrelevant documents. eMerge clients enjoy numerous advantages, including:

  • A team steeped in Relativity’s advanced analytics and machine learning features, having used them on over 90% of our matters.
  • Attorneys who understand the substantive issues of the case and can apply knowledge gained from collection interviews to triage reviews and deploy advanced analytics at every phase.
  • Attorney review managers who are required to attend over twenty hours of annual continuing legal education and training sessions on discovery law, technology, and privilege protection.
  • Document reviewers who are licensed to practice law and trained to maximize the efficiencies of our review tools.
  • Privilege review teams staffed with licensed attorneys who have successfully completed eMerge’s privilege assessment and training program, which includes ongoing assessment and evaluation.
  • A culture of continuous process improvement in which a dedicated managed review committee regularly revisits and improves workflows to mitigate risk, reduce redundancies, and add efficiencies, including via the development of custom applications to expedite reviews while improving accuracy.
  • Review managers who facilitate constant feedback and communication between reviewers, the case team, and the client to avoid errors and inconsistent coding.
  • Detailed reporting on review status and budget throughout the process.


Advanced Technology: using industry-leading tools and custom applications to process, filter, analyze, produce, and present data

eMerge utilizes its own customized version of the RelativityOne platform to improve the efficiency of document processing, review, and production. Our investment in RelativityOne ensures client data is hosted in the latest and most secure version of Relativity. eMerge’s RelativityOne environment includes:

  • RelativityOne instances in both the US and EU
  • all data analytics bundled at no added charge (email threading, near duplicate identification, concept clustering, data visualization, name normalization, and continuous active learning)
  • built-in workflows to automate various aspects of the review process
  • automated redaction tools
  • layouts, views, and reporting to reduce manual review and associated costs
  • a technology team comprised of Relativity Certified Administrators with thousands of combined hours of experience