The Future Is Not Just About Innovation

Dec 10 2020

Alison Grounds, a partner with Troutman Pepper and the founder and managing director of Troutman Pepper eMerge, was quoted in the article, “The Future Is Not Just About Innovation.”

“Embedding such alternative teams within the law firm gives clients the benefits of the institutional knowledge, expertise, and experience with complex legal issues from the firm’s professionals,” noted Alison Grounds, leader of Troutman Pepper’s eMerge subsidiary.

From her vantage point at Troutman Pepper eMerge, Grounds predicts “the segregation of these services to external providers—which was common over the last five years—may yield to an increasing reliance on law firms who embed these practice teams within the larger firm to provide an integrated approach. As with any service provider, the success and use will depend on the individual teams and their ability to innovate and constantly adapt.”

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