Troutman Pepper’s New Task Force Sees AI Benefits for Both Clients and Firm

May 12 2023

Alison Grounds, a partner with Troutman Pepper, and Will Gaus, chief innovation officer of the firm, were quoted in the May 11, 2023 Daily Report article, “Troutman Pepper’s New Task Force Sees AI Benefits for Both Clients and Firm.”

In an interview, task force lead Alison Grounds, a partner in Atlanta, said the group will assess “the risks and benefits for both our own delivery of services as well as advising our clients of the use of the newer iteration of AI.”

“We wanted to make sure we were consolidating and coordinating all of the lessons we’re learning to be able to make sure we’re advising our clients on the developments in a timely manner and also informing our own use of the technology based on the latest developments in the law and the technology,” she said.

Grounds, who is managing partner of its eMerge team and chair of the firm’s innovation committee, said the firm was forming the task force now to formalize and let the legal market know it was actively working on issues surrounding new AI applications.

Will Gaus, Troutman Pepper’s chief innovation officer and a task force lead, said in a statement that the team “shares news across practices of our own research and development that delivers client value.”

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