Microsoft Tightens Grip on Law Firms With Generative AI

Sep 26 2023

Alison Grounds and Andrew Medeiros were quoted in the September 25, 2023 Law360 article, “Microsoft Tightens Grip on Law Firms With Generative AI.”

“I think it’s going to be a compilation of tools that are built for the legal space and those that [offer] more general applicability, as has been the case forever,” Alison A. Grounds, a partner with Troutman Pepper, told Law360 Pulse.

Andrew Medeiros, director of innovation solutions for Troutman Pepper, told Law360 Pulse that he is comfortable with Copilot because several legal tech vendors, including LexisNexis, are integrating the tool.

“Even if Copilot is not a legal-specific solution, we can see a horizon where there are legal-focused solutions built on Copilot,” Medeiros said.

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